never-say-never-quote_anelise salvo design co. I’m not sure when or where I heard this quote from MJ, but it has stuck with me like no other. I wrote it out, put it on our fridge and read it to myself everyday. I just love it, so I thought you might too. No limits, friends. Hope all is oh so good with you.


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About a year ago Tyler and I got a call, a call that came out of no where, but was the call we wanted but didn’t expect to come so soon. You see, when Tyler and I first got married (almost 3 years ago), we talked about our dream life and came up with a plan for how we want to live our lives…..but we didn’t know how we were going to make it happen. We never really told anyone because we knew most people would think we were dreaming too big and that our dreams were unrealistic. So we spent hours upon hours scheming up our dream life, what that would look like, how we would feel, how our days would flow and we just kept it to ourselves.


When it came down to it and when Tyler and I think about what we love the most (besides each other of course), we both say traveling. We fell in love over our individual love affairs with traveling and being out in the world and so three years ago we dreamt up a plan to work doing things we both loved doing everyday, but only for part of the year. It would have to be something lucrative enough that we could then take off into the world and be in it, live it, breath it, soak it all up and slowly sail around the world.


So three years ago I decided to quit my job, find something I was passionate about, something that I could do anywhere in the world and something I could do even when we have little ones. That all lead me to graphic design and this little boutique studio I’ve got going on. Tyler on the other hand has been doing what he loves basically his whole life – sailing, working on boats and finding whales (no seriously, he gets paid to sail with whales and dolphins). Even though he loves his job, we couldn’t really take it on the road because it requires him to show up to the same spot every day and report to someone else.


So flash backward to the call last April. That call came from a good friend who had a proposition. He let Tyler know about the golden ticket that would let our dream life become a reality – become a 50% owner of a seasonal (5-6 months per year) sailing charter business in Lake Tahoe. We could live in Squaw Valley, work in Tahoe for half the year (I will still be working year round) and then travel the world the other half. (Yea I know, we were shocked too and yea you guessed it, we will have to live more simply then ever before. But, challenge accepted!)


After a year of negotiations, learning how to buy a business and coming to terms with the fact that we are moving to a mountain town to live in a log cabin part of the year, we have finally signed the papers and made it official! We are moving to Tahoe next month!


All of this has been a crazy journey, full of ups and downs, moments of feeling defeated and deflated and then recently a few weeks of feeling full, complete and ready for this epic adventure we’re about to embrace. The phrase “Trust Your Journey” has been on my brain for the last few months because when life is happening, like it has been this last year, there is nothing else to do except trust in it all.


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So in case you need a little reminder to trust in whatever journey you are going through, you can download this 8.5 x 11″ print….stick it next to your computer or download it and make it your wallpaper on your screens. Wherever you might need it….enjoy!

trust your journey_anelise salvo


So that is our big news. We are changing our lives drastically by uprooting and shifting to face our dream life plan. Here we go!



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Just in case you need a little something to tell someone you care about just how happy they make you, I made this 8.5X11″ handlettered print for you to download. Get it here, print it and make some one extra happy :) Have such a great weekend, friends! Enjoy it, love it, live it up.

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This has been something that I seriously struggle with and have ever since college – not being satisfied with where I am.  After I graduated high school, I moved, then I moved again one year later, then again two years later, then again two years later, then again one year later and now I have been in the same spot for the last three years! Thinking about what it would be like somewhere else, somewhere new, different, more interesting. The fact is, every place that is not where you are are now is going to see more amazing. But the other fact is is regardless of where you are, if you put love and energy into making it amazing, it will be the most green, the most magical, and the perfect place for you. #lifelessoni’mslowlylearning

Download this print here if ya like. 

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