One Day In San Francisco_Anelise Salvo Design Co. One Day In San Francisco_Anelise Salvo Design Co. One Day In San Francisco_Anelise Salvo Design Co.One Day In San Francisco_Anelise Salvo Design Co. One Day In San Francisco_Anelise Salvo Design Co. One Day In San Francisco_Anelise Salvo Design Co. Last month we took a day-trip to San Fran for the launch party of LOST Quarterly. It was incredible to be surrounded by such amazing photographers, travelers and completely inspiring artists. Since the party ended quite late, we stayed at the amazing home of our two good friends and I couldn’t help but snap photos because I was floored by how minimalistic and simple the place was set up, it was like I saw my dream home goals in real life. We also went to the Legion of Honor Fine Art Museum, the most amazing Italian restaurant, Bella Trattoria, for lunch and Bonita for some happy hour-ing. We packed it in, but it was totally worth it. read more >

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As I am writing this, we are slowing packing up all of our carry-on suitcases worth of clothes and belongings and leaving our friends’ house in Tahoe City. We are setting off to live our first off season, traveling around and spending large chunks of time in a few different places. As I have mentioned before, we have been scheming and planning on how to live a seasonal-dwelling life for the last seven years and this year is our very first year we are really doing it. We figured out how to work half the year and then the other half we will be traveling and exploring the world, not only because I still am in that stir-crazy mode of my life, but because we both honestly believe that travel and living in many different cultures is the best way to experience life, and the best way to become the people we have always wanted to be. So after five months of living in North Lake Tahoe and running Tahoe Sailing Charters, we are heading off with our small bags packed and our car full of clothes, mountain bikes, camping gear and food to a few magical destinations.


The first leg of our seven months is a road / camping / mountain biking trip up to Seattle to visit with family. We will then be car camping our way to Portland and Santa Barbara, visiting with some amazing friends and ending up with my family. After a week of visits, we will be heading to Kauai to live a very simple life that consists of beach time, surfing, green smoothies, working leisurely and slowing down a bit and really just not doing much of anything. After that we are headed to Sicily, Italy for a three month stent, where we plan on living like Italians and not like tourists. read more >

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Some of you may know that Tyler and I are now seasonal dwellers meaning we live in North Lake Tahoe for 5 months of the summer and then the rest of the year we will be traveling and living wherever we decide would be a great place to post up in. We have approximately 6 months on the off season to do this traveling and so I have started thinking about how I am going to pack for this time. This year we decided that we will be spending the majority of our off season in Italy, visiting Tyler’s dad in Sicily where he lives on a boat, and then the rest is to be determined (but let’s be real, knowing me we will end up in Hawaii for a month or so).

Tyler and I used to live in Spain and so we were able to travel all over Europe in both the winter and summer and so I feel much more prepared this time around for spending at least 3 months in Italy….in the cold….and winter weather. Last time we were in Paris for New Years and I swore then that next time I would suck it up and buy a long down parka so I could stay completely warm. Yes, I am such a wuss when it comes to the cold, but I’ve accepted it and now just make sure I have the right gear.

Another part of the fun of packing for such weather, is I HATE checking bags…like I just don’t do it because most of the small airlines throughout Europe make it super not fun to check a bag, so I avoid it completely. That being said, I have decided to step up my game (and save my back) and just buy a rolling bag that will hold all my clothes I take on our trip. I found such a great one and I am thrilled I decided to make the switch! I also love to challenge myself to only bring the essentials and only bring clothes that all look good together (i.e. keeping to my normal black, white, gray color range). I like to keep things simple and by containing myself to a carryon, I can do just that. My backpack will hold all my computer and camera things and I always make sure to bring a day-purse or bag so I don’t have to lug around such a huge backpack.

So here is it, here is what I am bringing on our 6 months away from Tahoe:

  1. Zara wool coat
  2. sweater (obviously cashmere or marino wool is best)
  3. Patagonia down parka
  4. beanie
  5. oversized scarf
  6. the most comfortable Madewell plan tees…ever  |  Madewell merino wool long sleeve
  7. Madewell black jeans
  8. Madewell jeans
  9. wool socks | Smartwool is a great choice too
  10. Nike kicks
  11. Sperry Topsider rainboots
  12. comfortable boots
  13. Timbuk2 carry-on rolling bag
  14. Patagonia backpack for camera + laptop (i.e working) – ps I ordered a padded camera “case” insert here.
  15. Madewell day bag / purse


I hope this helps when you pack for your next winter get-away! Cheers, friends.

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coyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design co

Last week we headed up to Seattle for our cousin’s amazing wedding on Tyler’s brother’s farm and it was such a great 4 days! We I was on a mission to try a few eateries around town that have been on my radar because I was craving some real good coffee and food. As much as I love Tahoe, it isn’t really that into great food yet, but I have a feeling that will change in the next few years. I had heard about Coyle’s Bakeshop so Tyler, and my mother-in-law Sandy and I went there for some buttery breakfast items and the best cortado of my life. What made this morning so special was when we arrived Tyler realized he went to middle and high school with Rachael Coyle, the owner of the shop and she was there! We got to chat about running a new business, how she is still in indecision mode about committing to a logo and colors (she is not alone!) and we got to chat about her insanely amazing scones. I mean they were unreal! You must put Coyle’s Bakeshop on your list for when your in Seattle….it’s a goodie.

coyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design cocoyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design cocoyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design cocoyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design cocoyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design cocoyles-bakeshop-seattle_anelise salvo design co read more >

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