TBB After many months of working with the incredibly talented and inspiring Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde, I am thrilled to say it’s LAUNCH DAY of her brand new website (along with her new branding!). Jordan contacted me a few months ago because she really, really needed to up her website game and she had been thinking about it for 2 years! She decided now or never and so we brainstormed on all the features it would have, and how we would take her brand and make it feel super cohesive while still making her very popular blog the central focus. Jordan has so many facets to her brand that were not being fully represented online, so I am thrilled we were able to showcase all the amazing things her brand has to offer. Once we started on the design of the site, we quickly realized her brand identity needed an update as well. While the website was being developed, we spent our time creating new marketing pieces – her media kit, her cleanse program packets, her business cards and her mailchimp all got updated! So. Much. Fun! So go check her out on her new SITE and of course on INSTAGRAM! Happy launch day, TBB! So happy for you!   the-balanced-blonde-brand_anelise salvo design co.

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