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Kicking off 2016 with a bang with this new brand for a rad blog coming Spring 2016! I was thrilled to work with Alex of brunch-isms on her new brand identity and website (which is coming in the next few months!). The blog concept is to create a space online that feels like a Sunday brunch with the girls. A place where women can go to create good conversation, share deep questions and concerns and talk about real life issues no matter what day of the week it is. From the moment Alex emailed me about working on this project together, I said YES and I can’t wait for you to start writing! I still can’t wait to get on her mailing list and follow the blog because I know it will be such a powerful place for ladies to go and get some rich connections going. Just thrilled. Stay tuned for the website and the launch of the blog – I of course will be sharing when it does make its online debut!


brunch-isms logo anelise salvo design co.

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