Life-In-A-Note-mood-board_anelise salvo design co. This mood board is for a project that is a long time in the making for this amazing writer and story teller. Alexis is starting her dream blog where she is going to create a space for people to come and soak in good reads, a place where you can rest and stay for a while in a space that is bright and airy, full of love and comfort, where you can get lost in the nostalgic old ways of taking the time to really read and soak it all in. This blog is going to be the opposite of most blogs out there – heavy on rich, amazing content and less / very little focus on imagery. I am thrilled to be a part of something that is going against the norm simply because this dream project of hers is more than a passion of hers, it’s her calling and I feel honored she is going to share that with us all! Can’t wait! Website launching in May and of course I will let you know when you can start reading :)

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