The-Green-Room_The-Brand_Anelise Salvo Design Co. The Green Room is an awesome small business in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania that is known for their gorgeous handmade furniture and their impeccably curated products for sale along with brining bright colors and a tropical vibe to the beach town. They had not touched their logo or website in years and it was time for a fresh, new spin on their popular brand. The palms were inspired by the wallpaper that covers a section of their shop and we toned down their old color palette of hot pink, teal, and a bright green but sticking to three solid colors that lend themselves so well to the muted tropical vibe they really wanted.

After we finished with their branding, we customized a WordPress template to replace their old site that was better suited to showcasing their incredible furniture and shop.

Congrats, guys! So stoked for you and your new branding + site!

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